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What is YLM? What motivates us? Download press stuff.

YourLostMemories was born when we discovered amateur 8mm movies in flea markets and second hand shops all around the world. Celulloid images of weddings, birthday parties, grad parties, holidays; lost movies full of memories...

Who wants to miss their memories? Nobody wants to forget their best moments in life. Right? We think we’re talking about lost movies. Not abandoned.

YourLostMemories is something like a virtual lost & found memories office. We propose you to look for all these lost 8mm movies around the world, find their original owners and give them them back.

How can you help us?

YourLostMemories needs your help. Search these amateur Super8 movies in flea markets or second hand shops in your city. Once you’ve found them, send them via ordinary cash on delivery post service to: Your Lost Memories - Av. Diagonal 349, Ppal. 2a - 08037 - Barcelona (Spain)

We’ll digitize them and upload the images in our website so we can find the owners.

How can you point us the owners?

Do you know anyone or any place appearing in a movie? Leave us a clue in the website, so it’s easier to find the true owners of these movies. Is it you who appears in a movie? Maybe some relatives? If you are the owner of a movie, contact us through the form and YourLostMemories will send you your movies back (and your memories).

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What is YLM?
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That's right! We at BoogalooFilms, the grooviest production company in Barcelona, are the producers behind YourLostMemories.

Check our website and work!


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